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Getting back to normal

Yesterday in a word felt normal.

I went out into the world by myself to do shopping for Easter and for my boys who have birthdays about a week apart.

I went into Ulta to buy some of my favorite products and spent more than I was planning because it felt so indulgent.

Tomorrow morning I will drive with my husband to watch two of my grandkids find their Easter eggs. My parents have been invited.

This normal is possible because of science and the ability to be vaccinated.

My husband and I have been making travel plans. Our first trip since December just prior to the last surge and everything shut down again. We will be traveling to Cabo San Lucas and staying at a lovely resort. By then, my second dose of the Moderna vaccine will be completely in effect. The week-end after that, we will be heading to Palm Desert to visit some friends. Then the week-end after that, we will be in Santa Rosa doing an overnight camp out at a wild animal preserve with some other friends.

We have gone out to dinner a couple of times since our county went into a level that allows outdoor dining and some indoor dining as well. We have opted to eat outside since the weather is allowing us to do so. I love how many restaurants have adapted to outdoor dining and hope it continues long after this pandemic becomes just a memory to most of us. We met my husband’s best friend and his wife for dinner last week, which we haven’t done since last fall when things were easing up.

I hope that as things turn around that we don’t lose sight of how much all the little things we take for granted actually are very significant to living a good life.


  1. Margaret says:

    I’m starting to do some normal things too, and without the fear. I’m very grateful to the scientists who made the vaccines so quickly and the administration who put them in our arms.

  2. Lisa Dixon says:

    It’s amazing to feel a semblance of normalcy again isn’t it? I still have a week and a half until my second dose is completely in effect. I also love how the outdoor dining is now a thing all over. I really enjoy it too and hope it stays.

    1. I have another week before my second dose is fully effective and even then, I’ll still take precautions of wearing a mask and social distancing. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

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