Living my Best Life

If someone had told me a year ago that I would buy a house that I love then have to sell it less than a year later, I would not have believed them. If someone had told me a year ago that my husband would involve himself with another woman, I would have laughed at Read More

Finding Peace of Mind

The biggest challenge for me since my husband said he wanted to end our marriage has been dealing with anxiety and depression. I have since started counseling and am currently on anti-depressants which has helped tremendously. The other part that has helped is to reach out to people who I know care about me. This Read More

Adventures in Crocheting – Part II

Yesterday, I posted that I was going to give crocheting a try. My great-grandma and my grandma both crocheted. I wish I would have asked them to teach me when I was younger and they were still alive. Ah! The foolishness of youth! So, the next best thing in this modern era is watching YouTube Read More

Adventures in Crocheting

So, I bought a book. It’s supposed to teach this newbie how to crochet. We will have a new grandson in June. Let’s see if this Grammy can make a blanket for him before he’s born! Here’s to trying something new in 2018!

Planner Style

A year ago, I stumbled upon a little known world of planner people – specifically, women who buy planners and then decorate them with all kind of doo-dads and what-nots. I think most of us when we buy a planner, we think to ourselves that we are buying it in order to get more organized Read More