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Just so you know, dear reader, I’m partaking in a blogging challenge. Do you remember those, when blogs were all the rage back in the early aughts? This one is led by Effy Wild and runs through the month of April. I do hope you’ll read my blog and maybe hop over to Effy’s blog and maybe join the challenge as well.

Part of the challenge is to read and comment on three other blogs. I don’t count reading Effy’s blog or that of Renee Magnusson’s in my daily counts of comments. And, truthfully, it’s very hard to stop at three. I’ve already signed up for Christa Forrest’s Patreon. Read her blog post for today and look at the gorgeousness of her work. How could I not join and try to learn from her?

This art journey I’ve been on since last year has been such an incredible one in many different ways. I’m connecting with beautiful, smart, and inspiring women from around the world in ways I never imagined from the whimsical, quirky style of Tamara LaPorte at Willowing Arts (where I also just signed up for her Art for Earth bundle) to the unconventional, loose gorgeousness of the art created by Toni Burt, where I’ve signed up for more than a few of her courses and plan to do more.

And, in a weird way, I have the pandemic lockdown and the craziness of this past year to thank for this creative journey (and hits to my pocket book and my shiny new husband bringing me another package from Blick’s – the addiction is real).

All these beautiful creative souls that I feel so very privileged to know, follow and learn from – life doesn’t get much better than this.


  1. I love it! I was planning on blogging more this month anyway, and connecting to more writers. I think I’ll try it!

    1. It will put you touch with more writers AND artists. Double bonus!

      1. Yes! My circle is growing fast which is fun!

      2. Ah I too have loved the pandemic year to get me arting more. Tamaras life book and Effy, BOD have shown me many many fabulous teachers. I could art 24hrs a day and still not complete every tutorial ive signed up for?

        1. Yeah, I’ve signed up for so much stuff this year. I’m just trying to do what I can, pick the things that really interest me, and enjoy the process.

  2. It would be fun to chat one day too as we have a lot in common. ?

    1. I would love that!

  3. Margaret says:

    I think that blogging is making a bit of a comeback. Perhaps it’s partly due to the pandemic?

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