This is where I get to talk a little bit about myself, something I don’t like to do but will do it anyway.

The obvious stats are that I’m married, divorced and happily single, parent to three young adults and I’m grammy to three incredibly smart and adorably cute grandkids. I work for a large state wide organization that advocates on behalf of teachers and public education. I enjoy good food, good drinks and good company. I tend towards being an extrovert with introverted tendencies.

This blog was originally created when I was still happily married. A lot can change in the span of a couple of years. It’s been a process  of doubt, struggle, growth, strength, and resiliency. I think I’m on the path of thinking my ex did me a favor by doing what he did. It still doesn’t excuse his shitty behavior though.

I tend to be sloppy but want to be more organized. I love to sing, listen to music and enjoy going to concerts. I will never live (again) any place where it gets cold enough to snow on a regular basis. I long to be more creative but never seem to have enough time.

When exercising, I enjoy it. It’s the doing that I find difficult.

I consider myself a feminist who likes make-up, dressing nice, but have been known to not shave my legs or armpits until I see that I need to do so – usually when I’m standing out in the sun and can see the hairs on my legs.

I love to read a variety of genres from sci fi to horror to just regular old fiction, but generally do not read romance novels. My nightly habit before going to sleep is to read for at least 30 minutes, but I generally read longer than that. I want to read more non-fiction and decided to tackle “Hamilton” as the first to read this year. Obviously I like challenges.

I spend entirely too much time on Facebook and playing games on my IPhone. I was excited when I caught the Christmas Pikachu on Pokemon Go. I have found that being silly about these little things are what makes life fun.

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