When Life Throws You a Curveball

On July 2nd, 2017 my life took a very unexpected turn when my husband of 31 years told me he no longer wanted to be married. I’m not going to go into the details for his decision because as of right now, we are still married. It came as a surprise to me for which I never was really prepared. Since he is five and a half years older than me, I had thought it possible that I would be widowed. I never thought I would be contemplating life as a single, divorced woman.

It’s taken me since July 2nd to be at peace with my husband’s decision. I believe that when life doesn’t go as planned and something negative happens, you can either become bitter or become better. I am choosing to become better. This is an unexpected chapter in my life that is scary and exciting. I’ve not ever truly been on my own since I met my husband at age 19 and got married a year later at the age of 20. In my head, I’m thinking of the possibilities that exist for me, such as creating my own space when we sell the house that we purchased last May. I’m contemplating traveling by myself and with other people to places I’ve only thought about visiting but hadn’t really seriously considered as possibilities until now.

As opportunities present themselves through work, I’m seizing them. I’m looking for new things to learn and I am looking for opportunities to learn about myself. I’m expanding my social network by reaching out to people that I want in my life. I’m reading self help books about divorce and about learning to really love myself. I’ve started listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Podcast, “Magic Lessons,” and have purchased her book as well for inspiration. I’m learning to live my life by the moment and not trying to stress about what my future holds.

A created this blog a year ago with the idea of taking on new adventures. I never imagined that one of these adventures would be as a single woman. It is the lesson that I needed to learn that I never should take anyone or anything for granted. I thought my marriage was a sure thing that I could rely on. Here’s the thing about relationships, it really does take two to make it or break it.

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