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Yesterday, I had to go to the my office to print up documents for a project for work. It was a lot of pages to print up at home, so going to the office was the only answer. I’ve been back in the office only one other time since we were shut down. My desk is still a mess (where are the clean-up and  organizing faeries when you need them?) and there was a lot of mail to go through. I felt more productive yesterday than I have felt in a long time. There is something to be said for having a space to go to “to do work” rather than just walking down the hall to the bedroom that has a desk for work in it.

It felt normal. It felt nice to be away from home for a little bit and be back in my office space. It felt good to drive away from home and come back later. I didn’t realize how much I missed this piece of normalcy. I would love the option of working from home when things open back up again. I want to have the ability to have both – not one or the other. Working from home has allowed me the ability to do things like gardening and painting in between meetings or when I need a break from work. Being in my office space provides me with focus, quiet and materials to do things there that I cannot do here.

Today is my ex-husband’s 61st birthday. I’m emotionally attached to dates when it comes to “us.” His birthday is the start of dates through the summer month and the end of our 32 year marriage. It is easier now, almost four years after he dropped the bomb because time truly does help heal a shattered heart. I sent him a brief text this morning wishing him a happy birthday because I can’t hate the man and it’s important for me to show our kids that flawed human beings can make horrible mistakes and still be loved.

Do you shave? I don’t mean your legs, I mean your chin. (Despite what some in the beauty industry try to tell you, shaving doesn’t make your chin hairs courser.) I shave daily, except when I forget, which was about two days ago and whooo boy – the new husband is not touching this chin right now. I seriously had my unshaved chin show up in my dreams last night because I was so worried that the new husband would try to caress my face before going to sleep last night and I didn’t want him to be horrified by my bristly chin.

Prior to the shut-down I was having electrolysis done on it. This is a painful process for me because most of my chin hairs are red, which tend to run course and twisty, apparently. I was going every couple of weeks but I’m debating on whether or not I want to continue now that we are allowed to start doing things like this where I live. While shaving is a pain in the ass (PIA) at times, it’s relatively painless. The electrolysis for me is most likely a two year commitment, which is about $100 per treatment every few weeks. There is a lot of other things I would rather do with the almost $5000 it would cost me, but I also could maybe stop having bad dreams about chinny-chin hairs!

I hope to join the Moonshine Coven zoom meeting this Saturday and do some art this week-end. The new husband would also like to do some housework. (I keep trying to remind him that he didn’t marry me for my housekeeping skills.) Today and tomorrow is nothing but meetings, so I hope to squeeze in some gardening, arting, and exercise with my Occulus Quest (seriously, Supernatural makes me have sweat pour off my face it’s that good of a work-out).

Ramona the Pest
“She was not a slowpoke grown-up. She was a girl who could not wait. Life was so interesting she had to find out what happened next.”


  1. Margaret says:

    I have to do a lot of plucking of my upper lip but haven’t had the chin hair issue. I agree totally about the joy of a normalish routine. I went into the grocery store a few days ago and it felt weird, but good.

    1. It’s weird how these little slices of normalcy feel so hugely significant. I wish I only had a few chin hairs. I’ve been shaving my chin hairs since my early 30s.

  2. Cheryl Turtlemoon says:

    It feels weird now to go to places we went to before lockdown. I find it surreal! I don’t have chin issues but I realise that it must be hard to live with. I must admit I probably would spent the electrolysis money on art supplies lol .

    1. Yeah, art supplies vs electrolysis doesn’t seem like a very hard choice!

  3. I’m lucky that my post-menopause chin hair is blonde. My granddaughter did pat my face and call my fluffy a while back. I just leave them be, and pluck out the long, tough random black hair that appears. One day, nothing, next day, 2 foot long.

    1. I wish mine were like that. I had to start shaving when I was in my early 30s because of how much growth I have!

  4. You had me at chin hair ? I was an esthetician for 25 years. Electrolysis is great but as long as your hormones tell your little papillas to make hairs, then there will always be sprouts and you’ll be fighting an expensive uphill battle. I tweeze and sugar mine. It’s much more reasonably priced and my tweezers are never overbooked ?

    1. I have too many hairs for plucking and I’ve tried waxing. Seriously anyone who has tried to do something with the hairs on my chin and neck say that it’s similar to the growth that men get. It’s the reason I considered electrolysis and I’m post-menopausal.

  5. lunhatikk says:

    When I was in the money, I was getting laser hair removal done on my face and the ladies there said that shaving is better for your skin than wax or even those creams that remove hair. They promoted shaving between sessions if need be. I thought that was interesting. I don’t shave every day but I do reguarly otherwise I grow a good old ghoatee! If I’m being lazy cause I’m not going out for days, my chin will actually get itchy if I don’t shave it!

    There is definitely something to be said for working at home but if it is regular I think it’s important to have a dedicated space and the supplies you need for sure! I like the extra time it gives me by not having to commute. So much time spent on travelling, it frustrates me.

    1. I know all about the itchy chin. I enjoy my drive because I don’t have traffic. It gives me time to think, listen to podcasts and music. It’s quiet time for me! I hated it though when I had to sit in traffic for hours on end.


    I have Supernatural too but I keep forgetting to use it. :/ It is so much fun though!

    1. It is a lot of fun and I have you to thank for sharing it on your blog!

  7. I had read or heard somewhere along the way over the years that shaving chin hairs would make them more coarse. And darker? I dunno. But then, I was told the same about leg hair and that didn’t happen.
    I’ve only got 3 or 4 chin hairs that annoy me, so I pluck when I find them.

  8. I am considering sugaring my facial hair… I have been waxing upper lip etc for two decades now but my hormones are assholes and chin hairs appeared too as well. This is daily plucking and my daughters told me that shaving with made-for-it razor was actually better so I might give it a try.
    PS: I am very attached to dates as well and often feel like this is more of a burden than anything else 🙁

  9. I am back in the classroom with students. We started April 19, and I totally understand how good that bit of normalcy feels. I leave the house, I go to a place where other people are and do work, I come home. It does feel really good. I think being able to work from home or an office, a few days a week for each, would be idea.

  10. I pluck and ouch. Why are we given chin and lip hairs anyhow? Men get nipples too. Geeze did someone goof?

  11. Pluck everything! Save all that money for fun things not electrolysis. Elle xx

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