Finding Peace of Mind

My first scarf!

The biggest challenge for me since my husband said he wanted to end our marriage has been dealing with anxiety and depression. I have since started counseling and am currently on anti-depressants which has helped tremendously. The other part that has helped is to reach out to people who I know care about me. This has been the bigger challenge because I tend to withdraw in difficult times. I have reconnected with my cousin, who is really like a sister to me. Growing up, when we knew we would get to see each other, we both remember feeling so excited. My cousin lives in Oregon and since my dad was in the Navy, we would travel to Oregon or she would sometimes get to spend the summer break with us. Throughout the past couple of months, Lea has helped me to figure stuff out and has helped me to see when something was just not okay.

Baby Michael’s blanket

As I’ve also mentioned, I’ve taken up crocheting. By focusing on a hobby which allows me to make things for the people I care about, I think it has taken the attention away from the thoughts that kept creeping up on me. When you are sitting alone in the house that was bought with the idea that it would be shared with your partner, it is hard not to think about all the “what ifs.” I’m proud of myself for taking on the challenge of crocheting. I never thought I would be  good at it and have been very happy to discover that I am good at it! I started a a little over a month ago. So far, I’ve made a scarf for myself and a baby blanket for my grandson who is expected in June. I’m also making something for his big sister and I hope to have it

Start of Maryann’s Project

finished within the next couple of days. 

After I finish my granddaughter’s project, I will be starting a blanket for myself. Lea suggested that my some yarn to make a blanket for when I move to my new place. I plan on making a granny square blanket with red, cream and gray colors. I will also probably try to make some throw pillows as well. After that, I will start on some projects to give at Christmas this year. I think it will be very fulfilling to make Christmas gifts for the people who have helped me along this journey over the past seven months.

I promise to post my granddaughter’s finished project. I hope you’ll come back to check it out!

More to do!


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