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A year ago, I stumbled upon a little known world of planner people – specifically, women who buy planners and then decorate them with all kind of doo-dads and what-nots.

I think most of us when we buy a planner, we think to ourselves that we are buying it in order to get more organized and efficient with our time. That was the primary reason for me purchasing a planner. I actually keep two calendars, one is a google calendar that is synced to my IPhone and the other is my planner. I have found that the act of writing stuff down helps me to better remember what I need to remember.

As I said though, I had never planned on being one of those women who buys “stuff” to decorate their planners.

Famous last words.

I don’t decorate every week because of how crazy my schedule can be, however, I do decorate on occasion and have found it to be a great stress reducer. At the beginning of the month, I look at my Google calendar and write everything that I have going on for the month. I work with five different organizations along with my employer, so each organization has their own color as does my employer and then a color for personal stuff (which I also mark as private on my Google calendar).

The planner I purchased last year was from Erin Condren, who has quite the following amongst planner women. In December, they came out with a “seasonal box” for $35, so I figured I would take the plunge. I received my box last week and I was pleasantly surprised by what was in the box.

I think there is nothing nicer when you order something from a company and they make it nice to open. Everything ordered from Erin Condren comes in a nice box, which makes opening even nicer.

Once I opened up the tissue paper, this is what greeted me. Along with the nice items on top, I was also given a $25 gift card. The next picture will show all the items received in this box.

Going clockwise, starting from the far left, the Season Surprise Box contained the following:

  • Floral Ink Snap-in Dashboard (cost: approx $4)
  • Three Folded notes (cost: approx $1.50 ea.)
  • Colorful Dual-tip markers (cost: $15)
  • Lips Flair pin (cost: $8)
  • Valentine Heart gift labels (cost: approx $10)
  • Monthly Sticker Sheets – February and March (cost: $3.00 ea.)
  • Coloring Book (cost: $12)

The cost of the box was $35 and the items in the box, excluding the $25 gift card, is a value of approximately $60. I love a good deal and really felt that Erin Condren provided a great value for their first Seasonal Surprise Box.

If you are interested in trying out Erin Condren for yourself, you can click here  and you will receive $10 off of your first purchase.

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