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We celebrated Thanksgiving again this year by ourselves. It was our second one together and I was hoping that we wouldn’t be repeating last year’s Thanksgiving of it just being us. Thanks to COVID and people not adhering to the guidelines, here we are. That being said, I was surprised to learn the impact I have had on our traditional Thanksgiving dinners when all of our family was able to get together. There are two dishes I used to make and both my son and my nephew mentioned that they missed both in two separate conversations I had with them. I never knew how loved these dishes were and so I’m hoping that next year, we can all get together and I can make both dishes for them.

I’m in the process of updating my blog. I wanted something a little more clean. So far, I think this one will work. I just need to go through my old posts to find images to go with them. Let me know what you think. I have a couple of new menu links and deleted a couple as well. The new menu links are to “Art” and “Poetry.” I really, really need to start writing my poetry again. It’s funny that when my life is going through a tailspin, my poetry rises to the top.

In my latest art work, I created the image posted above.  Effy Wild does live “Journal Jams” a couple/few times a month. She essentially has created a deck of cards from which she draws from (pun intended) and then the lay-out is created from that. I find it kind of forces me out of my head and just “do art” without worrying too much if what I created is good enough. Since I created this journal jam on Thanksgiving, I wanted to acknowledge that I have so much to be thankful for. Since our minds have a tendency to focus on the negative, I wanted to be intentional on my focus on being with the one I love and my incredible luck in meeting someone who offers me so much in so many ways. And the fact my parents, my kids and grandkids are healthy and happy – I’m very, very fortunate.

The new husband and I went walking yesterday before our Thanksgiving feast. We have both put on the COVID 10 (maybe 15?) and it has GOT to STOP. What’s funny is that we really don’t eat too badly or too much, but I know that my inactivity is a big factor for the weight gain (that and drinking wine). So we are committed to trying to walk about 2 miles a few times a week. We shall see how that goes.

I’m also trying to meditate more. Create a space for my creativity in my room, head and heart. It really helps me a lot. For weird reasons (that I think I know), night time I’m having feelings of panic. I’m going to have to start meditating on that issue to see what comes up (other than what I think I already know).

Today, I’m going to work on creating my own hand-bound journal. This will be for a creative endeavor I’m starting on at the start of the new year. I’m really excited about this new endeavor because it ties into some of the beliefs I have about spirituality that I’ve never really knew existed elsewhere. As I explore it, I’ll be sharing about my experiences on here.

Today’s post was really disjointed, so when I have a post like this, I thought I would just label it “meanderings.” Sometimes I just have “stuff to say” without any really point to any of it.


  1. Margaret says:

    I’m interested in those popular dishes that your son and nephew miss! I spent Thanksgiving with my elderly parents and I was thankful for that. My dad isn’t doing great, so who knows what this next year holds?

    1. christal says:

      I make a sweet potato souffle that is liked by those who claim not to like sweet potatoes and I guess I make a pretty decent pecan pie. Sorry about your dad. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he is around next year and beyond.

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