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Finding Peace of Mind

The biggest challenge for me since my husband said he wanted to end our marriage has been dealing with anxiety and depression. I have since started counseling and am currently on anti-depressants which has helped tremendously. The other part that has helped is to reach out to people who I know care about me. This …

Adventures in Crocheting – Part II

Yesterday, I posted that I was going to give crocheting a try. My great-grandma and my grandma both crocheted. I wish I would have asked them to teach me when I was younger and they were still alive. Ah! The foolishness of youth! So, the next best thing in this modern era is watching YouTube …

Adventures in Crocheting

So, I bought a book. It’s supposed to teach this newbie how to crochet. We will have a new grandson in June. Let’s see if this Grammy can make a blanket for him before he’s born! Here’s to trying something new in 2018!

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