Back at Work

Tomorrow I head back to work after being off for two weeks for the holiday break. It’s always nice for a break, but I’m ready to go back. Question for you – do you wash your hair every day or every other day or even more infrequently? I used to be an every day hair Read More

A Big Trip!

My older brother has been working and living in Sicily for the last couple of years. A couple of weeks ago, my mom told me that she had a proposal. My mom and my sister usually go on walks in the morning and Jessica had mentioned to my mom about visiting our brother in Sicily. Read More

Two favorite make-up products

I’ve always loved make-up. It is the one tried and true pick me up that helps me, day after day. However, I was also someone who didn’t quite appreciate items that can be used to help your make-up look better from the moment you put it on to the end of the day. One of Read More

Subscription Boxes

Do you subscribe to any subscription boxes? Currently, I subscribe to two, which are Ipsy and StitchFix. In the past, I subscribed to Glossy Box and Blue Apron. Actually, I just subscribed to Ipsy today and one of my future posts will be to write about my first box from them. I love StitchFix. Even Read More