Back at Work

Tomorrow I head back to work after being off for two weeks for the holiday break. It’s always nice for a break, but I’m ready to go back.

Question for you – do you wash your hair every day or every other day or even more infrequently? I used to be an every day hair washer. That all changed when I decided to grow my hair out about two years ago. I never fully appreciated how much time maintaining long hair can take until I decided to have long hair.

Where I live, traffic is insane. It can take an hour or more to go 15 or 20 miles during heavy commute times. I drive a lot for my work, which requires me to be stuck in sucky traffic many days. I also am not a morning person, so getting up earlier to do my hair can be a major annoyance. If I can eliminate a couple of days of washing, conditioning, blow-drying and straightening from my routine, it makes my morning that much nicer.

There are two products that I use to keep my hair healthy, Moroccan Oil and the Kenra’s Blow Dry Spray.

moroccan-oilI will confess when I asked my stylist what products I should use in my hair when I decided to grow long and she mentioned Moroccan Oil, I thought she was nuts. Putting oil in your hair seems counter productive, but she explained to me that Moroccan Oil is a dry oil that would help to protect my hair when I blow dry it or use the straight iron on it. What I found is that not only does it seem to protect my hair, but it also makes it sleek and smooth.

If you are expecting something odor free, then this isn’t for you. As someone who is sensitive to perfumy products, I can say that it has a pleasant odor to it. You can purchase Moroccan Oil from Nordstrom’s. A 3.4 oz bottle is $44.00 and it comes with a pump. I purchased my last bottle in June and I still have about half a bottle left. This is with every other day use most weeks. (On the week-ends, I sometimes don’t use any product in my hair to give it a rest.)

After washing and conditioning my hair, then towel-drying, I use about a nickel size (orkenra-blowdry three pumps) on my hair. I rub the oil between my two palms, then work the oil through my hair with my fingers. After that, I brush my hair and then spritz on Kenra’s Blow Dry Spray. I spray this all over my hair, including my bangs. I then blow dry hair.

The spray is very light. I’ve used this with and without the Moroccan Oil and my hair is always left feeling very smooth and soft. It has a pleasant odor that I can usually smell throughout the day. It’s not overpowering.

You can purchase a 3.4 oz bottle for $22.00 at ULTA. This amount usually lasts for about two months for me.

What hair products are must haves for you?

Remember, it’s never to late to try something new!



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