Pink and white

Flowers of Cabo

Here are some beautiful flowers I took photos of while we were in Cabo. When I finally have some time to paint and create again, I’m going to use these as inspiration. I’m obsessed with flowers and whenever I get a chance when I’m out and about, I take lots of pictures to the happy annoyance of my husband. 

My most favorite flower of them all is the one in the pink category below (it’s also my featured photo for this post). It’s called a desert rose and so of course, I had to go looking where I could buy one. That particular color is back-ordered, but they will notify me when it becomes available again. I did order a desert rose purple immortality, which should get here in a couple of weeks. The photo for that is the last one pictured in this blog. (You can buy yours here if you are interested. And for those in colder climates, they are suppose to do well in doors!)


orange flower

orange and yellow



Pink and white



Red flowers

Red & White Rose



Yellow Flowers



Purple Immortality
Desert rose “Purple Immortality” in a dark, deep purple.



  1. I shall come back to this tomorrow, my phone has gone to grey scale (sleep mode!) So i can’t see the colours “I’ll be back”

    1. No worries. I hope you can come back and see all this beauty!

      1. Omg they are gorgeous I love the purple one at the end.

        1. It’s truly scrumptious. I can’t wait for it to get here, so I can plant it and watch it grow.

  2. I’ve only been to Cabo in June, but it’s when the poinciana trees are blooming. The blossoms are orange and holy cow. They are such pretty trees!

    1. Oh! I’ll have to go there in June now!

  3. Oh how lovely! That dark purple is gorgeous!

  4. Margaret says:

    I have a weakness for orange flowers or multi-colored ones.

    1. The flowers were so gorgeous there.

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