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Let Go

When friendships fade

I have very few girlfriends. My closest female relationships are to my mom, my daughter and my cousin. I envy women who seem to have bountiful, strong female relationships. During my first marriage, I spent a lot of time raising a family, going to school, and working. Developing long-term friendships was hard because my time …

Standing fighting trying


Most days I’m content in my new life. I feel very fortunate to have met and married someone who values and cherishes me. This marriage is new and a very small slice of my life. When you have been with someone since you were a very young woman and grew up with that other person …

Moving on

I don’t think that anyone with true, deep feelings for someone else, ever stops loving them. I know that for some getting to a place where you stop caring for the person who betrayed you is the end goal and I’m here to tell you that it’s okay if you never stop caring. I think …

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