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Ripples in a pond

  • My dog is sick. She started holding her rear hind leg up close to her body about two weeks ago. We took her to the vet a week ago on Friday. He prescribed some antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory. We thought she was doing better, but by mid week, it was very obvious that she was not getting better. She was refusing food and water and sleeping a lot. This is not typical for her as she is a terrier and full of love and spunk. We took her back to the vet this past Friday. She had a very high temp close enough to be considered life threatening. The vet couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so he referred us to a specialist at a veterinary hospital. We finally have a diagnosis of immune mediated polyarthritis, an autoimmune disease. Essentially, something triggered an autoimmune response in her body which turned to attacking her joints. She is now on a steroid and pain relief. The target is to get her into remission and hope she never has another episode of this again.
  • A friend has asked me to paint a happy owl (pictured above) for her. Since I’m a newbie artist, I wasn’t really sure what to charge. I wanted to charge something that had some rationale behind it and was able to find a blog post that helped me to determine what I think is fair for me to charge. That being said, if there is something on my blog that piques your interest and you are interested in a painting, let me know!
  • I had my first Moderna shot about two weeks ago. I’m glad that I was fortunate enough to get it. I go in for my second dose at the end of March. First round wasn’t too bad, other than some fatigue and a sore arm. I hope that the second dose will go as smoothly. Things are opening up again and hope it continues on this trend. The new husband has booked us an amazing trip this summer and with all the craziness of this past year, I really, really need something to look forward to.
  • Work is crazy busy right now. I do not feel like there have been any breaks in negotiations. As soon as I get something settled with each of the locals I work with, something else comes down the pike and another round of negotiations begins. The teachers I work with are amazing in so many ways. When they thank me for my efforts, I remind them that I get paid to do this work and they do the work with me and are full-time teachers to boot! Anyone who bad mouths teachers or their unions really have no idea how the majority of teachers I work with care passionately about their students and the work they do.
  • I received a letter from my former brother-in-law. Sometimes we really don’t know the impact we have had on someone until years later. When the ex and I divorced, I knew it would impact my kids. I didn’t realize the impact it would have on my former brother-in-law. I believe he may be autistic or on the spectrum but has never been diagnosed. He is very awkward and shy to a fault. He is almost 50, has only had one job in his life (many years ago), has never had a girlfriend, has never obtained his driver’s license and still lives at home. I do not fault him for any of this. My ex in-laws have lacked the capacity to understand how to help their son. He has been profoundly disabled by them. He writes me letters and I decided to write him back. I think I may be the only person he feels that is in his corner. I’m hoping that maybe I can start nudging him to seek some independence in small ways.
  • I was trying to think of what to name this post. It’s all about impacts. It hit me that each of us (including our animals) have impacts on others that we never fully realize. We truly are like pebbles in a pond. As we throw that pebble, we create ripples on the surface and underneath. My husband told me the other day that I am helping him to be more kind. It was kind of surprising to me because I think he is one of the kindest people I know. I didn’t fully realize how I am with him has helped him to feel like he is better because of me. It was nice to hear. I think it’s what we have both learned as we both traveled through grief: we shouldn’t wait until after someone is gone to let them know the ways they’ve impacted us.


  1. Margaret says:

    Hope your dog improves! It’s scary when serious illness hits out of the blue. Love the idea of impacts we have on others and letting them know NOW. I enjoy it when former students contact me with words of praise and compliments about what they learned in my class–and it wasn’t only about the subject matter. Some of it is surprising–but wonderful too.

    1. christal says:

      My dog is doing a lot better. Thank you. It really is so important to tell people these things when they are still with us. I have enjoyed hearing from former students as well and it’s been surprising to me what they remember about me and learning in my class.

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