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Back in February of this year, I decided to take the plunge and explore the world of online dating. Truthfully, I never thought that this would be a world that I would be a part of because I never imagined that the ex would cheat on me with a co-worker, move in with her and proclaim his need for freedom and no responsibilities. (I guess that’s easy when you go from one woman taking care of you to another woman taking care of you – that’s another story, or in this case, another blog post.)

So here I am, age 52,  writing an online profile and submitting photos in order to find dates. Is there another way to find potential partners? I’ve no idea. I decided to start with Plenty of Fish (POF), which I’ve since discovered is also called “Plenty of Fucks.” I am not sure if I would have chosen another online dating site had I known the alternative name for POF. 

Since February, I’ve been on dates with about a dozen men. I’ve chatted with way more than that. The upcoming posts on this blog will be dedicated to writing about the good, bad and the ugly that has resulted from my foray into the online dating world. The blog posts are going to be an unvarnished look at my experience, which will include the mistakes I’ve made along the way and hopefully the humor I’ve found in some of these situations, maybe not at the time, but after the fact.

(A side note: the ex was concerned about my finding dates in the online world. He actually had the audacity to tell our daughter that if I ever found myself in trouble that she could contact him – since he was the closest person in proximity to me. 1.) Don’t you think he kind of lost his right to be protector when he decided to leave me for another woman? and 2.) I think he expected me to remain single or something because how else am I supposed to meet people? and finally 3.) I would not have to date had he not made the choices he did.)

So I hope you’ll stick around for these upcoming blog posts. (I hope I don’t embarrass my parents and/or children too much!)


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  1. Margaret says:

    I’ve just recently heard of POF. I’ve used Match and Zoost. I prefer Match of the two. There seem to be more mainstream men on it.

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