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How I feel when I stay within my budget

YNABer (Or fun with budgeting, really!)

After my divorce, I decided to be better with my money. The ex and I were never very good savers and planning things very well financially. We tended to live paycheck to paycheck and when we wanted something, we never hesitated to charge it. When it came to the divorce being finalized, we both walked …

black bird

The Bird in the Storm

Art I’m in a rut, artistically speaking, right now. I’ve signed up for quite a few things this year and nothing is speaking to me. Yesterday, I continued working on a piece that I started this week-end and I’m very “meh” about it right now. I try to be gentle with myself as a newbie …

red rose

Ancestral Connections

On Friday, I wrote about my great-great grandmother Sophronia (click her name to read the post) and how I believed she helped me when I was going through my divorce and separation. When I think of that story, I’m reminded of other ancestral connections I’ve had over the years. I believe I must have had some …

Just a quickie

Today we are taking my husband’s granddaughter out for a day trip to see one of his rentals, then to visit my parents for a bit. I’ll write more tomorrow with hopefully some pictures. Have a great day everyone and happy Saturday.

Cypress trees

Let me tell you about Sophronia

Sophronia Thrush is my great-great grandmother on my dad’s side of the family. I never knew of her existence until a few years ago. After my separation from the ex-husband, I was looking for a place to live. I needed to be some place that would bring me healing from the hell of the last …

Beast Mode

Mish Mash

1. My Oculus Quest 2 arrived yesterday. It took a little bit of time to set-up, but over all the process was relatively easy and smooth. I am blown away by the graphics on this piece of equipment. It feels very immersive and mind-blowingly real. I danced with a robot and exercised with a fitness …

Standing fighting trying


Most days I’m content in my new life. I feel very fortunate to have met and married someone who values and cherishes me. This marriage is new and a very small slice of my life. When you have been with someone since you were a very young woman and grew up with that other person …

me in garden bed

Playing in dirt and the joy of canning

Last year, about a month or so into the pandemic, we decided to take up gardening. I purchased a raised garden bed, we purchased bags of dirt and chicken poop, and a variety of starter plants, like zucchini, tomatoes, cantaloupe, bell peppers, and strawberries. Everything grew well enough to give me the idea that maybe …

Pretty in pink and Oculus

I’ve not done a wants/obsession post for a couple of months, so thought I’d write about that today. A make-up line that I’m obsessed with is Urban Decay. I love so many of their eye-shadows and have more than a few to feed my obsession. However, today I’m going to focus on their lipstick and …

trees and grass

Nature is a curative

Some days this pandemic makes me cranky. I’m in a new marriage. I moved in with my new husband in November 2019. The pandemic hit in the early part of 2020 and we were in lockdown by March 2020. So we have been with each other 24/7 pretty much since then. It’s a test to …

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