Always the right time to wear Stevie

In December, my husband and I went to see Stevie Nicks in concert. I’ve always been a fan of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. While it’s still on my bucket list to go see Fleetwood Mac in concert, I can cross off that list of being able to see Stevie. I’m not a huge fan of wearing t-shirts to work, but a couple of years ago, I purchased this denim suit set from Ann Taylor. I found it goes well with the Stevie Nicks t-shirt my husband bought for me at the concert.

So, don’t laugh. The pictures I’m posting are in my home office and you’re going to notice that there are a couple of table inserts in the pictures. That is because we are almost done with the sale of our home, which means a lot of furniture in the place we are renting. The house we are selling is about a thousand square feet bigger, so the office is being used for storage.  One of these days, I’ll venture outside for photos.

After being deluged for the past couple of weeks with rain, rock and mud slides, and flooding in my area, the sun decided to come out. It was actually warm enough for me to wear open toed shoes sans stockings. One of the reasons I love living in California is the weather and while I’ve been grateful for the rain, today was a much needed break.


I love this jacket because of the gold button details and the gold stitching.  The jeans are cropped and I’ve paired them with some Seychelles platform heels. You can also see my butterfly tattoo in this photo. I love how Stevie Nicks looks on this t-shirt. I think it really captures her spirit.


I’m trying to play around with poses. I guess I would call this my coy look. You may notice that my shoes look a little bit too big. Well, they are. When I saw these shoes, I had to have them. They were all sold out in my size so I had to buy a 1/2 size larger. Sometimes when fashion calls out, you just have to answer.

You can’t see them in the above two photos, but I am wearing dangling earrings. These earrings were purchased at a really cute little shop in Santa Cruz, CA. Since you can’t see them in the photo, I decided to take a picture after I got to work. I love the design of these and think they go well with the hippie spirit of Stevie.

I also want to say that today was a good hair and eyebrow day.

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