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Feeling the Music

My first love

Stories have been told about how when I was very little, I would lie in my crib and sing gibberish to myself. I’m sure I understood the words even if no one else could. I love singing. It was my first creative outlet. And when my kindergarten teacher yelled at me for not cutting a …

Standing fighting trying


Most days I’m content in my new life. I feel very fortunate to have met and married someone who values and cherishes me. This marriage is new and a very small slice of my life. When you have been with someone since you were a very young woman and grew up with that other person …

Santa Cruz

A couple of months after the ex and I started dating, we went on a week-end trip to Santa Cruz. I was still living at home and told my parents that I was spending the night at my girlfriend’s house. He had a motorcycle, so I rode on the back with my arms around his …

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