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April Year of Mary

Give in to Joy

I finally finished the painting I started the other day. It is from Effy Wild’s “Year of Mary. There were a number of times where I was feeling frustrated with this girl and wanted to throw it in the bin. I decided to start talking to her lovingly and thinking nice, lovely thoughts towards the painting …

red rose

Ancestral Connections

On Friday, I wrote about my great-great grandmother Sophronia (click her name to read the post) and how I believed she helped me when I was going through my divorce and separation. When I think of that story, I’m reminded of other ancestral connections I’ve had over the years. I believe I must have had some …

Just a quickie

Today we are taking my husband’s granddaughter out for a day trip to see one of his rentals, then to visit my parents for a bit. I’ll write more tomorrow with hopefully some pictures. Have a great day everyone and happy Saturday.

Cypress trees

Let me tell you about Sophronia

Sophronia Thrush is my great-great grandmother on my dad’s side of the family. I never knew of her existence until a few years ago. After my separation from the ex-husband, I was looking for a place to live. I needed to be some place that would bring me healing from the hell of the last …

pretty drink

Getting back to normal

Yesterday in a word felt normal. I went out into the world by myself to do shopping for Easter and for my boys who have birthdays about a week apart. I went into Ulta to buy some of my favorite products and spent more than I was planning because it felt so indulgent. Tomorrow morning …

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