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    Sometimes change happens, even if you don’t want it. If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I was thrust into a change that I never anticipated, nor wanted. And I’m still working on what the change means for me and for what kind of life I want for the remaining days (and years, I hope) I have on this planet.

    Other change is what we want to see happen because we aren’t particularly satisfied with something. Right now, that’s the kind of change I’m seeking and I’m working on motivation. I do not like feeling fat. I do not like feeling lethargic. I get trapped though and part of it is because I have this constant voice in my head to NOT DO THE THING I want to do.

    This is the voice of self doubt and worry of what other people think. I hate fucking hate it.

    This is the voice that keeps me inside of my apartment instead going out and exploring. Living the life I want instead of the life I’m imagining.

    So I’m challenging myself right now. On this blog. Holding myself accountable publicly!

    This week I will:

    1. Take myself out to dinner on a date with myself
    2. Go jogging three times
    3. Plan a quick week-end trip to some place I’ve not been before.
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    Moving – it’s always an adventure

    Our house has finally closed and our next adventure in real estate has begun. We are now looking for our next home. For this next phase, we have a real estate agent who is a rock star in every sense of the word. She has been exceedingly responsive through both text messaging and e-mails. That is, every single time I have had a request of her, she has responded as soon as she has been able to do so.

    That’s the upside in looking for our next home. The downside is the competitive market we are dealing with here in the Silicon Valley. That a long with the insane prices can make anyone go a little bit crazy.

    So I apologize for not writing more on this blog. Life has a way of interfering with fun stuff. I hope to have a new post up about my recent Fab Fit Fun box and my latest Stitch Fix.

    I am trying to get some fun times into the mix of when we are looking at houses. This picture was taken in Santa Cruz after a long day of looking at houses.


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    A Big Trip!

    My older brother has been working and living in Sicily for the last couple of years. A couple of weeks ago, my mom told me that she had a proposal. My mom and my sister usually go on walks in the morning and Jessica had mentioned to my mom about visiting our brother in Sicily. My mom is not fond of airplanes or any place she can’t take her dog.

    So, her proposal was that I travel with Jessica and she would pay for our flights. I then proposed to Jessica that we try to sneak in a trip to Dublin, Ireland as well since neither of us have any idea when we might cross the big pond again.

    We booked our flights today! We leave on June 3rd for Dublin, Ireland, where we will spend about four days, then we fly to Sicily for about 10 days!

    On my to-do list now is to book our stays in Dublin. Our brother works with a travel agent in Sicily, so he will handle booking our stay there. We also need to get our passports in order since neither one of us have ever traveled out of the country.

    I’m so excited I can hardly stand it.

    Onto new adventures!

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