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April Year of Mary

Give in to Joy

I finally finished the painting I started the other day. It is from Effy Wild’s “Year of Mary. There were a number of times where I was feeling frustrated with this girl and wanted to throw it in the bin. I decided to start talking to her lovingly and thinking nice, lovely thoughts towards the painting …


Pretty Starts

Yesterday evening, I finally got a chance to do some painting. I started this last night. I love the different colors and the way it sparks joy in my heart. This photo is in the very beginning stages of the piece I’m working on right now. I can’t wait to see the final product. This …

Feeling the Music

My first love

Stories have been told about how when I was very little, I would lie in my crib and sing gibberish to myself. I’m sure I understood the words even if no one else could. I love singing. It was my first creative outlet. And when my kindergarten teacher yelled at me for not cutting a …

Effy's Blog Challenge

beautiful creatives

Just so you know, dear reader, I’m partaking in a blogging challenge. Do you remember those, when blogs were all the rage back in the early aughts? This one is led by Effy Wild and runs through the month of April. I do hope you’ll read my blog and maybe hop over to Effy’s blog and …

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